Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Bachelor: Book Description

Here's a quick book description of The Bachelor, which was recently released.

I'll post an unpublished excerpt later this week. And if anyone wants to read a published excerpt check out this link. (I'm a big fan of the way ARe does product details.) It's all right here. Or, the publisher's link, here.

Jim Johnston has been trying to break into show business for seven years, and now he has a chance to audition for a new reality show called The Gay Bachelor. But he missed the Hollywood auditions, so he has to travel back home to the deep rural country of Southern New Jersey and audition in Philadelphia.
Jim arrives at his parents' old brick plantation style house for the first time since he graduated high school. When he sees how much they've aged since he's been gone, it tugs at his heart and he is determined to make things right again so it doesn't take another seven years for him to return.
But this doesn't stop Jim from having a quick affair with his mother's maid's strapping nephew while his mother and father are at church. And it doesn't stop him from falling hopelessly in love with one of the producers of the new reality show, The Gay Bachelor, when he auditions in Philadelphia.
With all the obstacles Jim faces before the audition, he discovers a few things about himself he didn't know. In spite of the disappointments...and a few awkward moments with a chocolate cupcake...he's determined to concentrate more on love than on casual sex. Even though he's not sure how it's all going to work out in the end, he's ready to take his chances for the sake of love.

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