Friday, October 29, 2010


Here's a preview of the cover for my new book, RICKY'S BUSINESS. It's a gay version of the l980's Tom Cruise movie, Risky Business. Although I made quite a few changes and set the story in present times, I tried to capture the same innocence the main character in the original movie had. Only this time I did it with two gay men, and the twist in the story is that Ricky lives in a suburban town in Northern New Jersey, where eighteen year old high school seniors do not have the freedom to admit they are gay, experience a normal adolescence, and enjoy the same youth experiences straight eighteen year old high school seniors have. And in light of the recent suicides among young gay people, I don't think I'm far off base. Besides, a lot of what I wrote was based on my own personal experience.


Ryan said...

hot! when's it coming out? i want to promote it for ya!

have a fun weekend bro!

ryan field said...

Not sure...but I'll let you know.

You have fun, too!!

Rebecca Leigh said...

It looks and sounds wonderful Ryan! I can't wait until it comes out.

ryan field said...

Thanks, Rebecca.