Sunday, August 29, 2010

About E-books...

Though I probably shouldn't admit this, being that everyone has such strong opinions about e-books and print books these days, I actually do prefer reading e-books over print books. I honestly don't have that passion some people feel when they hold a print book. And I couldn't care less how they smell. My passions is, and always has been, for the words, the sentences, and the paragraphs that make up the story. And I don't care if they are written on stone or printed in digital format.

The one thing I've noticed about e-books is that they don't seem to go away. Once they are released, they are around forever. Now that all my favorite authors are being released in digital format, I can get whatever I want whenever I want it. There are certain books, written by certain authors, I'll only read once. But there are other books I'll read over and over again, depending on my mood. John Irving is one. I've read most of his novels at least ten times. Anne Tyler is another. I've read Back when We were Grownups so many times in print I recently ordered the e-book because the print book is falling apart. It's one of those books, for me, I can take anywhere. And I'll open it anywhere and start reading because I already know what's going to happen.

And for new authors who are working with e-publishers, I think it's a great advantage to be released in digital format first. I was trying to explain this to someone the other day who was upset because his book wasn't selling as well as he wanted it to sell. With e-books, the book is always around, the authors don't have to depend on re-prints or a set amount of time, and they can continue to promote their books forever if they want. And as more people discover e-books, and it becomes a passion, new authors will be able to build fan bases much longer than previous authors were able to do with their print books.


Rebecca Leigh said...

Wonderful advice as always -- I think one of the keys to being a successful epub'd author is to write a lot and build a following. As you say, the older stories will always be there to be re-discovered!!

My husband just purchased a Nook and he has been reading constantly. This from someone who never cracks a book. I guess the stories just needed to find their way into his computer world :)

ryan field said...

I'm hearing about a lot of people who are either discovering reading or re-discovering it thanks to e-readers.