Friday, July 16, 2010

Double Post: New Release Day for THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE and a Recent Review for SHAKESPEARE'S LOVER

Today is the release day for THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE. I'm not going into any details at first because I've seen it written on one popular romance review blog that readers would rather form their own opinions while they are reading a book, rather than read the author's intentions before they read it. So you can read the blurb with the link I provided above, and I'll post more about the book after it's been out for a while.

And this morning I saw a review for SHAKESPEARE'S LOVER that I'm almost embarrassed to mention. I can't thank Jeff Erno enough!! It's one of the nicest reviews I've ever received and I think he got what I was trying to do with both characters, Jude and Declan. Here's the link, over at Michele and Jeff's review blog, which I'm also linked to below, with my blog list.


bun said...

hi, i read your pretty man year ago on august. and i like the older guy be the bottom, and younger and pretty be the top.
and now, when i read this virgin billionaire synopsis, i think i like it much than the pretty man while this time the older is virgin.
so, please, i would like to ask, in this story, who is the bottom and who is the top, cause it determined me to purchase this ebook or not. ^:^

ryan field said...

This time the older guy is on top and the younger guy is the bottom.

bun said...

oh.. i see..

thanks for your prompt reply.

if any of your books is pretty and younger be the top, please recomemend to me.

you are fabulous!

ryan field said...

I will do that :)

Thank you!!

Ryan said...

i like that you change it up. ill throw this out there maybe they could be both top and bottom in a book hehe

kisses bro!

ryan field said...

Ryan...I'll think about that. I'm starting a new one next week and I haven't decided yet. XXXOOO