Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Release: THE WAY WE ALMOST WERE

Allan Nottingham has a huge secret and it has nothing to do with the fact that he's gay. Though he wants to become a respected political journalist, he actually makes an excellent living by performing idiotic stunts on a trashy but popular TV show called The Naughty Boiz. He'll do anything from skateboarding into a huge vat of mustard to being a human sling shot, wearing nothing but a skimpy leopard thong and a black ski mask to conceal his true identity.

Allan's handsome, hunky boss, Mikey Phoenix, the outrageous producer of The Naughty Boiz and Allan's best friend, is always there to watch out for him. It's an unusual friendship between a gay man and a straight man, because Mikey is always full of surprises.

But Mikey's wonderful friendship isn't enough for Allan, and when Allan accidentally runs into his first lover from college, Jacob Steinman, all of the old feelings of love he thought he'd laid to rest come rushing back. And Allan embarks on a full fledged campaign to win Jacob's love, going to lengths he'd never do for another man, in spite of all the differences that kept them apart in the first place.

It doesn't take long for Allan to see that Jacob hasn't changed. Though Jacob is the most talented man Allan has ever known, Jacob is still only interested in having fun and ignoring all the political and social issues that are important to Allan. And even though Allan works hard to ignore Jacob's political apathy, not the mention the fact that Jacob is unwilling to announce to the world that he's openly gay because it might hurt his high profile career, all this eventually takes its toll on their relationship.

Is the love and romance between Allan and Jacob will be enough to sustain them? As these exciting characters grow and begin to embrace their true passions, discovering the things in life that matter to them the most, what ultimately happens clearly defines the way they almost were.


Drew said...

This came out faster than the others. Didn't it? Or is this year just starting to fly by already.

ryan field said...

This year is flying by :)