Monday, September 21, 2009

Showing and Telling...

I hate linking to bloggers I don't know well. I read this blog often, but I don't know the author and he's not a fan of my blog or my work. But when I see something absolutely perfect I like to share and I don't give a damn about blog fans or anything else. Good stuff deserves credit. And this is fantastic.


I'm posting this link because I have a lot of book fans e-mailing me about what they are writing. And I always see the same mistakes when it comes to showing and telling. So here's the link. It's simple and easy to understand.


jimm said...

Really good advice.

What I find difficult is finding different ways to identify the speaker when writing dialogue.

ryan field said...

...he said or she said is always the best way. Keep it simple. There's a good book by lit agent Noah Lukeman called THE FIRST FIVE PAGES. He gives a great example of how to do this.